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30 Oct 2019

How Do I Fix My Child's Joint Pain?

Is your child complaining of joint pain? With the one or more of the following: No specific acute injury. Recent growth spurt. Participates in multiple hours of sport per week…   This is a common scenario we have present to...

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22 Oct 2019

Dancers – How to Injury Proof Your Body Before Warm-Up!

There are many things that can cause tension and decreased flexibility in the body. Quite often dancers will feel tension in their back or legs prior to class, however stretching these areas for long periods before you dance is not...

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16 Oct 2019

Connect Therapy - What Is It And How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly started experiencing pain (for no apparent reason), in an area of your body? You may have sought treatment for that pain, but it didn’t go away, or relief was only temporary.  Why does...

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10 Oct 2019

Money Back Guarantee

At Physionorth we pride ourselves on the delivery of only the highest quality Physiotherapy, Massage, and Exercise Physiology services. We live by the philosophy that if YOU are not happy then WE are not happy. If for some reason you...

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30 Sep 2019

Is Your Bump Becoming A Pain In The...?

Pregnancy is a very special time for women. There are not only physical, but emotional and mental changes as well. Women feel tired very often and can experience pain and aches never felt before because the body is changing.  This may...

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24 Sep 2019

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Massage Experience?

We’ve had a lot of new patients visit the clinic recently and many of them haven’t ever had a massage before. As strange as this may sound to some, many people have never experienced the benefits of remedial massage before....

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16 Aug 2019

Do you know how to 'thumbs up'? (Thumb and wrist injuries)

Ok, everyone knows how to give a thumbs up, but do you REALLY know how to give a thumbs up? To do this we need to focus on the Abductor Pollicus Longus, a muscle of the forearm. This muscle gives us...

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6 Aug 2019

5 Tips to Help You Hike Without Pain

Tim has recently returned home after spending a week trekking in the Sumatran jungle and has come up with 5 tips for preventing pains and getting the most out your trek/ hike.      1. Planning This is probably the most...

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