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30 Oct 2020

Piriformis - Muscle of the Month (Oct)

The piriformis (Pir-ri-form-is) muscles is located deep in the back of the hip/ buttock area. It attaches from the sacrum to the upper part of the leg bone. It and 5 other muscles are responsible for external rotation of the hip (twisting the leg out...

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17 Oct 2020

Can I have a massage again?

A lot of people would like to have a massage after procedures or surgery. They can have a few issues arise due to the procedure and wish to have any treatment to release the muscle and help with pain and tightness.  Despite they have a clearance from the GP to have treatment, we...

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2 Oct 2020

Sciatic Pain

There are many misconceptions about sciatic pain. It tends to be a label that is given to anyone with pain down the back of their leg. So what exactly is sciatica and what causes it? This blog will clear up...

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28 Aug 2020

Blood Flow Restriction Training. What is it and what does it do?

Blood flow restriction (BFRT) or kaatsu training has been around for some time in the rehabilitation setting and more recently fitness/ body building setting. Furthermore, there has been a vast array of research of the years indicating the benefits of...

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19 Aug 2020

Questions to ask before going ‘Under The Knife’

Having surgery can seem like a scary concept, especially when thinking about the initial procedure. There are lots of things to weigh up in deciding to have your injury fixed surgically. But is surgery going to be the best option...

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1 Aug 2020

5 Simple Exercises to Improve Your Trail Running

Do want to improve your trail running? Our resident Exercise Physiologist, Tim, takes you through 5 simple exercises and strategies to get you performing your best when conquering the trails.   Triple Flexion  Learn and become strong in a position of...

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28 Jul 2020

How To Injury Proof Your Body Before Warm-Up!

There are many things that can cause tension and decreased flexibility in the body. Quite often dancers will feel tension in their back or legs prior to class, however stretching these areas for long periods before you dance is not...

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14 Jul 2020

MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound. Are they necessary to diagnose your back pain?

On a daily basis I have patients come into the clinic with low back pain. The majority of patients have heard horror stories about someone else who has back pain and are usually terrified that their back is permanently damaged...

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