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12 Aug 2021

Stroke Recovery: How Physiotherapy May Help

Stroke Recovery: How Physiotherapy May Help National Stroke Week 2021, encourages everyone to learn the signs of stroke to get help more quickly. To recognise those signs, the Stroke Foundation encourages you to think FAST when looking at someone who...

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8 Jun 2021

Overactive Abdominals and Back Pain: The Link Explained

If you type ‘tight abs’ into Google, you get over 77 million results. Typing in ‘6 pack abs’ gets you 147 million results. Type in ‘better abs’ and there are 461 million pages you could view. Clearly there’s a lot...

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20 May 2021

6 Things You Need to Know About Tendinopathy

Tendinopathy is common and our understanding of it is still evolving. We manage it very differently now than we did in previous years and no doubt our management will change again as more research is done. Here’s what you need...

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30 Apr 2021

5 Simple Breathing Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

How can exercising your lungs ease pain in your back? At first, it may seem rather odd to think of breathing as a treatment for back pain. It works surprisingly well, though.   Catch a breath You take about 20,000...

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10 Mar 2021

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition that affects the motor connection between the brain and the body, resulting in altered movement. The exact cause of Parkinson’s disease is still not well understood. Research has showed that depletion of neurotransmitter in...

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14 Jan 2021

Debunking some common women’s health myths

  Myth 1: urinary incontinence is normal after having children and is something you must learn to live with Absolutely not. Although incontinence is common in post-partum and in menopausal women, there are plenty of strategies to adopt that can...

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13 Nov 2020

'Why Choose Physio?'

GPs refer patients to  physiotherapists more  than any other health professionals.   Physiotherapist are first contact practitioner’s, which means you don’t need a  doctor's  referral to see one, but they often work with doctors and other allied health professionals to help...

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30 Oct 2020

How is your posture?

Have you ever caught sight of yourself in the mirror looking a little too much like the hunchback of Notre Dame? I think most of us are guilty of this! Me included. The truth is our standing posture can a...

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