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MARCH 2020

Foundations to Running

Two part workshop focusing on all things running! Come to one or come to both, this workshop is suitable for all levels of runners.


Part 1: Assessing on the body.

1:30pm Saturday 14th March

Basic biomechanics of running – how to analyse your own running gait with video feedback.

Completion of a running specific performance test on yourself – to see where you are at and where you can improve.

Introduction to prevention strategies and how to manage running injuries on the foot, knee and calf.



Part 2: Training the body.

1:30pm, Saturday 21st March

Strength and conditioning for running – warm up protocols, how to measure intensity, running drills you need to do etc.

designing a running program – how to run your first marathon, how to improve your 10km time, trail running etc.

Level up your running – footwear, technology, nutrition and supplementation.



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