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Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in North Ward, Townsville

Physiotherapists are trained in rehabilitation, which is a recovery method aimed at restoring the healthy function of the body. At Physionorth we use a holistic approach to rehabilitation, using the ConnectTherapy approach. We focus on retraining more than just your body – we retrain your brain to make sure your body doesn’t get stuck in unhealthy habits or ways of movement.

We approach your rehabilitation with a thoughtful, individualised approach, only treating one person at a time. This approach ensures that we can give you our full attention to support you to achieve your goals successfully. 

Our focus will be on your recovery journey, to help you to achieve functional independence. We will work closely with you to develop patient-centred goals and enact targeted rehabilitation plans to guide you.

When do I need rehabilitation from a physiotherapist?

While it is often associated with recovery from an injury or surgery, rehabilitation is also recommended for recovery from any significant event impacting your health. Physical rehabilitation can involve the use of assistive technology, and is person-centred, meaning that your recovery is tailored to your personal goals and preferences.

There is a range of common concerns that people come to us with when seeking rehabilitation services, including:

– Joint replacements such as a hip or knee replacement

– ACL tear

– Ligament tears

– Post-operative rehabilitation

– Cancer rehabilitation

– Stroke rehabilitation

Your recovery is likely to follow a series of different phases. First, you will come in for an assessment, and then you will be given a tailored rehabilitation plan to assist your recovery, which can be adapted further throughout your recovery. 

These are the phases you’re likely to go through:

Phase 1: Recovery. If you have had surgery or trauma such as a stroke, you will need to recover to ensure that you’re strong enough to begin rehabilitation.

Phase 2: Strength and control. This phase will assist you in building strength and beginning to regain control and movement. This is particularly important after a significant surgery such as a joint replacement.

Phase 3: Agility. This phase will aim to restore your normal range of movement. If you have had a ligament tear then you may need to practice running and landing again to ensure that you can perform them confidently and without inflicting any damage.

Phase 4: A return to activity. This could be rejoining your regular sport such as soccer or going back to your regular activities at work.

Phase 5: Preventing further injury. This will focus on optimally keeping your body functioning and teaching you how to prevent an injury from occurring. 

For example, rehabilitation after an ACL repair involves beginning with small, straightforward exercises – until you have finished using crutches, when you will begin with stronger exercises such as squats, lunges and hamstring stretches. 

How Physionorth can help

At Physionorth we treat the whole body, not just the symptoms. Our long appointment times and holistic approach support us to provide great service to our clients. We will work closely with you to identify your challenges, strengths and goals and will devise a strategy to help you to achieve them successfully. 

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Private patients
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation (New Patient or Current Patient not seen for more than 12 months) 45min $210

Subsequent Consultation

Standard Consultation 20-30 min $135
Current Patient – New Injury 45 min $157

Group exercises

Group session (Physio) 45 min $30


5 follow-up physiotherapy sessions + 1 FREE $525 – ONLY $88 per session

4-pack and 10-pack ONLY $25 per session

Health Rebates are available.

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A Physiotherapist will find the cause of your pain and work with you to restore strength and range of motion, so that you can achieve your movement goals, without pain.

Live without pain!

Our professional team delivers quality treatment, advice & education to really help you move & feel your best!