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Exercise Classes

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Exercise Classes

Get healthy and motivated with our small group classes.

We have a range of classes led by either a Physiotherapist or an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. These classes are suitable for seniors, people with injuries, pain, chronic illness, balance issues and muscle weakness.

Book your free assessment online now – select ‘Exercise Physiology’ and then the pre-class assessment.

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Each participant first attends a free 1-1 class assessment screening with either our Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist so we understand their personal goals, areas of injury, strength deficits, and can target these during class.

All classes are eligible for private health fund rebates (subject to your individual policy).

Bookings are essential. If you are unsure whether a Physionorth exercise class is right for you, please call us to chat with one of our friendly Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists.

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Exercise classes we offer

Seniors Exercise Classes

45mins | $30 per session | Max 6 people
This class is specially designed for people who are 50+ years of age. Each participant has an individually written exercise program which they complete under the care of our Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist, carried out in a small group setting. Each program address’ the individual areas of need including strength, balance, muscle weakness, flexibility, and pain. Your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will progress and/or modify your program each time you attend, depending on your needs on the day.

Strength and Mobility Classes (formerly Pilates)

45mins | $30 per session | Max 6 people
Our strength and mobility classes are fantastic for preventing pain and injury, managing old injuries, regaining pre baby core strength, optimizing sports performance, and achieving strength and flexibility goals. Our Strength and Mobility class is designed for people who want to build strength and control. The class is limited to a maximum of 6 people and utilizes mat exercises, fitball, rings, pilates balls, weights and bands. The class is designed for beginners who have not done this type of exercise before, or those with an injury history, that need more support. If you are not able to do an exercise, this is not a problem! The Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist taking your class will give you an alternative. The class is 45 minutes in duration.

Advanced Strength and Mobility Classes (formally Pilates)

45mins | $30 per session | Max 8 people
This class is for those who are at the intermediate-advanced level with a good fitness level and who need more of a challenge. These classes can include mat exercises, fitball, rings, pilates balls, weights and bands. Although this is a slightly more advanced class, the Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will still modify any exercises you are having difficulty with or you are finding too easy.

Let’s get Functional Classes

45mins | $30 per session | Max 6 people

Let’s get functional is for all ages who are looking for individualised and appropriate exercises and advice for their goals, taking into consideration current injuries and conditions. With a strong focus on improving general fitness, muscular strength, balance and joint mobility. This group is capped at 6 people.

Circuit Classes

45mins | $30 per session | Max 8 people
The circuit class is designed to be for our patients who are looking for a higher intensity workout. This class will consist of strength, cardio and functional exercises. It is the perfect class to start challenging yourself in a safe environment. Circuit class is capped at 8 people per class.

All about Balance Classes

45mins | $30 per session | Max 8 people
All about balance is a class designed for those who are seeking help and guidance with their balance. This will consist of a fun circuit style class working on strength and balance. All about balance is capped at 8 people per class.


45mins | $30 per session | Max 10 people
Stretching is a class for those wanting to improve flexibility. A great way to help with aches and pain caused from general tightness in the body. The duration of the class is 45-minutes and will involve some use of equipment depending on your needs such as trigger point ball, foam roller and stretching bands. This class is capped at 10 people.

Move with a Mission

45mins | $30 per session | Max 8 people
Move with a Mission is a class for veterans who will be provided with an individualised exercises program. This will take into consideration injuries and goals. The class will be capped at 8 people.

Fighting fatigue

45mins | $30 per session | Max 6 people
Our fighting fatigue class is made for those wanting a gentle return to physical activity. This class is for fatigue management of chronic health conditions and individuals undergoing cancer interventions. The class is capped at 6 people.

PD Group

45mins | $30 per session | Max 5 people
PD group is an exercise class specifically designed to help individuals with Parkinson's disease move better. The exercises encourage large amplitude and powerful movements as well as challenging strength and balance. This group is capped at 5 people.

Private Classes

Private 1-1 or 1-2 classes are also available via request. These sessions have the advantage of the class being tailored to your specific needs. They also include pilates reformer and the multi gym (depending on your goals and needs). These classes are very popular with our patients who have an injury and would like to return to exercise, however, feel they are not ready for group classes. All private classes are eligible for private health rebates.



Our group classes all cost $30 per session as a casual/once-off visitor.

If you would like to prepay your classes upfront, you can purchase one of our class packs.

Benefits of the class packs:

  • Sessions are discounted to $25 per session
  • You can guarantee your spot by booking all your classes in advance
  • One invoice makes it easier to claim private health rebates
  • Extra encouragement for you to exercise regularly


Class Timetable

Click Here to view the Physio Exercise Class Timetable for 2021.

Private health rebates are available with participating health fund providers.


What’s included in a free initial screening session?

All participants are required to undergo an initial screening assessment to ensure their safety and to make sure their goals are met in the class. This is a consultation with one of our qualified Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists who run the classes.

This screening includes assessments applicable to you and your goals and any other areas that need to be focused on. Your initial assessment will also teach you how to find the most appropriate, safe, and effective exercises for you.

After you have completed a series of any of the group classes you can book in for another screening session to monitor your progress.

Equipment is available to be purchased at the clinic if you would like to continue your exercises at home.

***Classes do not run on public holidays and in some cases if our Physiotherapists who instruct the classes are away those classes will be cancelled for that time with enough notice to those who attend regularly.


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