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Dance and Gymnastics

Dance and gymnastics are very unique sports. Both sports not only require very large ranges of flexibility and strength, they also require huge amounts of control to perform their skills not only beautifully, but also safely.

Physionorth is very lucky to have two Physiotherapists with a special interest in both dance and gymnastics. Jaquie and Nicole have both been competitive gymnasts and Jaquie has also competed in cheer leading and dance. This enables them to understand the sports more intimately, as they have both performed at a high level themselves. They understand that dancers and gymnasts want to limit their ‘down time’ due to injury and will work with them to continue training with modifications and also implement injury prevention strategies into their training, to prevent further injuries. They are also great at prescribing exercises that are specific to dance and gymnastics, and therefore very different to exercise prescription for the general population, with similar injury presentations.

If you’d like to find out how Jaquie or Nicole can help you with your dance, gymnastics or cheer leading injuries please contact them on 47240768 or