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Telehealth/Virtual Appointments in North Ward, Townsville

Can’t get to our clinic for an appointment? Physionorth offers Virtual Telehealth Appointments through Coreplus, so you can connect with our therapists from anywhere!

Coreplus’s Telehealth function allows you to talk to your Therapist via encrypted audio and video. It’s easy to book an appointment. Just follow this link to our online booking platform and select appoinment type, then select TELECONSULT in the appointment type drop down menu (after the text ‘and this will be a….’). Complete the booking process by selecting your practitioner, then your preferred date and time.

Our admin team will send you an appointment reminder 24 hours before your appointment via email and sms. Both of these reminders will contain an appointment link. 5 minutes before your appointment, click on the link, on your preferred device and your meeting room will open up. You physio will join  you at your allocated appointment time! 

For more information please refer to our Physionorth Telehealth Userguide below or contact our friendly staff on 0747240768 or