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31 Mar 2020

Neck Stretches for Singers and Professional Voice Users

If you're a singer or professional voice user you will understand how important it is to warm up your vocal cords before you start practicing. There are also a large number of neck and fascial muscles that play an important...

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18 Mar 2020

Gripping - The Subconscious Pain Generator!

Hold onto your butt’s ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be an inciteful journey into whether your ‘behind’ is doing more work than it needs to, and how this can impact you.   What is gripping? Gripping involves increasing...

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9 Mar 2020

Extensor Carpi Radialis - Muscle of the Month (Mar)

Did you know that the Extensor Carpi Radialis is instrumental in helping you lift your weights at the gym?   Extensor Carpi Radialis (longus and brevis) are muscles within the posterior (back) compartment of the forearm. These muscles originate from...

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3 Mar 2020

Balance and Falls

Why did the accountant fall? Because he lost his balance! As you get older, you may find you’re starting to discover new aches, pains, stiffness and feel slightly slower and weaker in general. This can make day to day tasks...

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3 Mar 2020

Is Your Bump Becoming A Pain In The...?

Pregnancy is a very special time for women. There are not only physical, but emotional and mental changes as well. Women often feel tired and can experience pain and aches never felt before because their body is rapidly changing.  This...

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11 Feb 2020

Trapezius - Muscle of the Month (Feb)

Ever wondered how and why we can shrug our shoulders? Well you can thank your trapezius muscle for that!   The trapezius is a large, flat, triangle shaped superficial muscle that is divided into three parts: Superior, middle and inferior....

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22 Jan 2020

Quadratus Femoris - Muscle of the Month (Jan)

Hello Dancers, this one is for you! The Quadratus Femoris muscle is just one of the muscles deep in your hip that help you to perform your turn out. It is a rectangular shaped muscle that attaches from the ischial...

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20 Jan 2020

Dry Needling at Physionorth

Dry needling is becoming a more accepted and common treatment. It can be great at fixing problems that just won't shift. Whether you’ve had this form of treatment before or are interested in finding out how you could benefit from...

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