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Can I have a massage again?

A lot of people would like to have a massage after procedures or surgeryThey can have a few issues arise due to the procedure and wish to have any treatment to release the muscle and help with pain and tightness. 

Despite they have a clearance from the GP to have treatment, we have found that many people are afraid to come and have a massage because they cannot lay in certain position which is required for massage. 

I have had one lady recover from breast cancer.  She is healthy and can have a massage. But because of the procedure she had, she cannot lay on her chest comfortably.  

She came to me with the 1 hour massage voucher and asked to split in two halves for sitting massage. She was unsure and bit stressed as even the massage in sitting position wasn’t very comfortable for her. 

offered her an alternative solution. 

We used a pregnancy pillow for my client to lay facing down. Thanks to pregnancy pillow which is shaped for the belly, the client can lie face down while not causing any pain to her chest.  

The pregnancy pillow is great not only for pregnant ladies, it is great as well for client with difficulty of laying in prone position (I.e. lying face down) due to other health issue or medical procedures. My client was very happy about that idea. She was very comfortable and able to relax and enjoy the massage. I could reach every muscle I wanted, and which was needed to release my client tension. She said this was much better way to have the massage than the sitting position, where she cannot fully relax. 

This solution is not only better for the clients as they can really relax in laying position. This is a great idea for therapist as well, as this is more comfortable and more efficient for therapist. We can get easier access to any muscle without banding, squatting and so on when the client is in a sitting position. 

If you have just had a medical procedure and are wanting a massage, please check with your doctor first to ensure it is safe for you. At your first consultation at Physionorth, we can have a chat about what position will be best for you and ensure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as you can be.  

Magda Szyperska, Massage Therapist


If you would like to make a remedial massage appointment with Magda, call one of our friendly team on 4724 0768 or CLICK HERE to book online.

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