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Pregnancy care

Your body is doing something absolutely incredible.
It’s growing a whole new person!

That’s truly amazing – but it also places huge demands on your body.

Physio North

To support your developing baby, your respiratory rate speeds up, your blood volume increases and your feet and ankles may swell.

Your musculoskeletal system also changes. That’s partly to help you balance your bump and partly because of your increased relaxin levels. Relaxin is an important hormone.

During pregnancy, its job is to loosen your muscles, joints and ligaments, particularly those in your pelvis as you prepare for delivery. For many expectant mums, those changes also lead to significant and ongoing aches and pains.

Physiotherapy and massage during pregnancy can help soothe and strengthen your body. These appointments are often a wonderfully refreshing part of your week. Let’s take a look at
how they can help you.

Physiotherapy during pregnancy

What are the benefits of physiotherapy during pregnancy?

Physiotherapy can help to address some of your difficulties in pregnancy and may prevent others from developing.

You may benefit from physiotherapy if you’re dealing with pregnancy-related:

Join painBack painPelvic girdle painCarpal tunnel syndromeIncontinence

Physiotherapy may also reduce the risk of birth injuries or complicated delivery. That includes reducing the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction or prolapse.

A skilled women’s physiotherapist can help you by:

  • Creating a program of exercises to help you strengthen your pelvic floor (and so reduce the risk of incontinence)
  • Stretching and massaging tight muscles
  • Advising you on aids like compression pants and support belts
  • Recommending pregnancy-appropriate forms of exercise to help you stay fit
  • Guiding you on patterns of movement that will avoid aggravating a pre-existing condition or a pregnancy-related condition like pelvic girdle pain.

Physiotherapy may also reduce the risk of birth injuries

That support continues after your baby’s birth. Your physiotherapist can help you as you recover from giving birth (whether you give birth naturally or by C-section). That includes supporting you with any birth injuries such as prolapse, episiotomies or perineal tearing and helping you continue strengthening your pelvic floor.

Pregnancy physiotherapy at Physionorth

We’re delighted to welcome Alina Filipe to the Physionorth team. Alina holds a Master of Clinical Physiotherapy and majored in continence and women’s health. She is a skilled, experienced physiotherapist who loves helping people have their best possible experience of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

Pregnancy Physio with Alina

Physiotherapy during pregnancy


Massage in pregnancy

When your body is focusing all its energy on your developing baby, it’s lovely to have someone focused on you.

What are the benefits of massage during pregnancy?
You may find that massage during pregnancy:

  • Improves your wellbeing – by helping you relax, reducing anxiety levels and promoting good sleep
  • Eases muscle or joint pain and improves overall comfort
  • Reduces swelling.

Pregnancy massage can help make it easier to move freely as your bump grows bigger. It can be a calm, soothing interlude in a busy week – an opportunity to feel more at peace and
more connected to your changing body.

A pregnancy massage is usually done gently and may focus on your back, shoulders or neck. Those areas may be under more stress during pregnancy.

We don’t recommend a pregnancy massage until you’re past the first trimester. Please get the green light from your doctor if you are at higher risk of miscarriage, have a blood clot, bleeding or severe morning sickness, have a high-risk pregnancy or have swollen limbs.

Massage in pregnancy

Pregnancy massage at Physionorth

Any treatment you receive in pregnancy should be provided by trained, qualified therapists who understand how to care for you properly.

We have two excellent massage therapists at Physionorth, Gypsy and Carissa. They both have extensive experience in massaging pregnant women and will tailor your massage therapy to your unique needs.

Your comfort is important to us. With our special pregnancy pillows, you can lie on your stomach if you wish or on your side if that’s more comfortable.

Pregnancy massage at Physionorth