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We treat the
whole body
not just the

Our physio’s only treat
1 person at a time


We want to help you
live without pain


Individual treatment plans
specific to your goals

Physiotherapy Treatments

Private Treatment Rooms

Private Treatment Rooms

Our therapist only see one patient at a time, their focus is solely on you.

Longer Appointment Times

Longer Appointment Times

Because our treatment approach takes more care and thought.

Hands-On Approach

Hands-On Approach

We use fewer machines and treat our patients as a whole using the ConnectTherapy approach.

At Physionorth, we believe that you should be able to live your best life, which is why we have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and live without pain.

Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Massage Services in Townsville

At Physionorth our treatment approach is quite different to other Physiotherapy clinics, we use fewer machines and treat our patients as a whole using the ConnectTherapy approach.

Our standard appointment times are longer because our treatment approach takes more care and thought. This attention and consideration get results. Our patient outcomes could not be as successful as they are without taking this extra time to do things right.

With the exception of pain caused by a traumatic event (injury), quite often, the area where a person feels their pain or discomfort is a symptom of a dysfunction…

Our Vision is to Empower People to Enjoy Life by Achieving Optimal Health and Movement!

Our Team

Jaquelin Goldsack (Cole)

Senior Physiotherapist

Nicole Cochrane


Renee Baker


Melissa Andreatta


Casey Smith


Leanna Clarke


Eva Waqainabete


Natalie Holt

Exercise Physiologist

Carissa Elliott

Remedial Massage Therapist

Magda Szyperska

Remedial Massage Therapist

Sally Miller


Gypsy Dal Mina

Remedial Massage Therapist

Portia Gedoun


Nikki Winter


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6 May 2022

What is hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage uses smooth, warm therapeutic stones to help relax and release tension in tight muscles. Hot stones are placed in various places on your body, while the therapists uses other stones to run along the muscles, using...

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9 Mar 2022

7 benefits of remedial massage

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24 Jan 2022

Shoulder Impingement. What does it mean???

What is Shoulder Impingement? Shoulder or subacromial impingement is a term that has been around for a long time but it still causes a lot of confusion in both patients and the physiotherapy world. Impingement is widely known as a...

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Our professional team delivers quality treatment, advice & education to really help you move & feel your best!

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