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Connect Therapy

Have you been experiencing pain for a long time but have found treating the area of pain has not been effective for you OR is your recovery only short term and you continue to reinjure yourself?

Sometimes treating your symptomatic or painful area can be ineffective or give only short term relief.

Assessing using the framework of “ConnectTherapy” considers the complicated network of physical connections in the human body, as well as, other factors such as social and emotional contributors that may be relevant to the pain that you are experiencing.

Without addressing these factors in a holistic and collective way the real root of your problem or pain will remain unchanged.

Dr Linda-Joy Lee is a Physiotherapist and creator of the treatment model called ConnectTherapy. Her research is driven by her unconventional thinking and her passion about changing people’s lives. The framework integrates current scientific research with her clinical expertise. A detailed and thorough assessment process is used to determine how all areas of the body are linking and interacting with each other during a specific task.

ConnectTherapy aims to find the root of the problem to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Over time, your body can learn bad habits with basic movements or postures.  These bad habits may occur as compensation for previous injuries or as a result of asymmetries that may develop from work, recreation or sporting activities.

Ultimately, these lead to altered mechanics of movement which are often accompanied by pain and dysfunction. Any functional task, whether it be sustained postural positions or dynamic activities requires integration and effective performance of all regions of the body. Effectively, the whole body has to work well together to allow us to function and perform well. This is why it is essential to assess the whole body, not just the area that is in pain or symptomatic.



A mother that carries her child always on her left side over time may develop an asymmetric loading pattern.  Increased loading on her left side will result in increased strength on her left side which will, in turn, result in body rotations. If this loading pattern persists over a long period of time there will be structural changes in her thoracic and lumbar spine alignment. This mother may present with left sided knee pain, however, treating the knee will only have short-term effects unless the asymmetric loading pattern and body rotations are addressed as well.

Another example may be a worker that wears steel cap boots for 12 hours per day and 6 days per week. This worker may present with low back pain however the underlying root of the problem may be stiffness in his foot due to his heavy and rigid foot wear. The function of the foot is to absorb shock during walking and to distribute weight evenly throughout the body. Spending the majority of time wearing rigid footwear can result in stiffness and over time cause structural changes to the biomechanics of the foot. Therefore, the body may adapt to these changes with rotations which may result in unilateral loading of the low back causing low back pain. Localised treatment to the low back will alleviate the pain, however, correcting the rotations by addressing the dysfunction of the foot and possibly modifying footwear will ensure long-term management and prevent recurrent low back pain.

In Summary

Understanding the construct of ConnectTherapy involves considering how the body and mind are connected and how we as humans are physically, socially and emotionally connected.

All Physiotherapists at Physionorth consistently use the ConnectTherapy treatment approach and the majority of Physiotherapists have undergone postgraduate training with Dr. Linda-Joy Lee.

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