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Is Your Bump Becoming A Pain In The…?

Pregnancy is a very special time for women. There are not only physical, but emotional and mental changes as well. Women often feel tired and can experience pain and aches never felt before because their body is rapidly changing.  This may be due to the hips expanding, blood volume increasing and the level of hormones changing.

A great way to combat discomfort, pain and stress during pregnancy is a remedial massage.

What you need to know:

Pregnancy Massage is not recommended in the first trimester so wait until you are at least 12 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy should be healthy and clearance sought from your Doctor if there are any complications.  Make sure your therapist is qualified in pregnancy massage and also ask if they have provisions for pregnancy such as a pregnancy pillow so that you can lie on your stomach.

Some benefits to having a remedial massage when pregnant are:

  1. Massage helps to ease lower back pain, which occurs during the pregnancy because of the tilt that occurs in your pelvis due to your growing belly.
  2. Pregnancy massage helps to release the tension in the shoulders, chest and rib cage which can contribute to better respiration and provide more oxygen to the baby.
  3. During the pregnancy the volume of the blood increases 40-50%. Pregnancy massage helps to improve the circulation which helps with edema (swelling) and cramps.
  4. Massage improves joint and muscle pain.
  5. Helps with stress, anxiety, depression and improves the sleep as it works efficiently on the nervous system.
  6. Helps with tension headaches.
  7. Massage improves skin elasticity, increases flexibility and tone to the muscles.

At Physionorth we use pregnancy pillows which we have in two sizes; small for early pregnancy and a larger one for late pregnancy.  Pregnant ladies love to have a massage on this pillow as they can lie safely on their belly! Alternatively you can be massaged lying on your side if you prefer.  We also offer hot stone massage, for an extra level of relaxation!

Magda Szyperska, Remedial Massage Therapist

If you experience any of the above, or just want to have a nice relaxing experience, call 4724 0768 to make an appointment with one of our massage therapists or follow the link to book online.

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