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Extensor Carpi Radialis – Muscle of the Month (Mar)

Did you know that the Extensor Carpi Radialis is instrumental in helping you lift your weights at the gym?


Extensor Carpi Radialis (longus and brevis) are muscles within the posterior (back) compartment of the forearm. These muscles originate from the bottom of the humerus (upper arm bone) and attach onto the base of the second and third fingers.

The main role of these muscles is wrist extension. That is, lifting your hand towards the roof while your palm is facing the floor. Much like the movement you make when lifting weights or doings strength training at the gym.

The most common injury we see involving these muscles are wrist extensor tendinopathies which are often referred to as “Tennis Elbows”. A common misconception around tennis elbows is that it is aggravated by bending and straightening the elbow. This is not the case, in fact, this condition is caused by repetitive wrist extension (cutting with a knife, tool work, excessive gripping). Hands on physiotherapy techniques including soft tissue release, dry needling, joint mobilisations and taping can help for pain management. In order to rehab this condition, we need to put load management strategies into place to ensure these tendons are not getting over worked.

Nicole Cochrane, Physiotherapist


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