Initial Physiotherapy Consultations – Duration 1 – hour

Follow-Up Physiotherapy Consultations – Duration 30mins

Extended Follow-Up Physiotherapy Consultations (for complex issues such as Women’s Health, TMJ treatment etc) – Duration 40mins

Returning Patient (more than 6months from last treatment) for new or existing injuries – Duration 40 mins to 1 -hour

Short Consultation with Strapping – Duration minimum of 20mins

It is advised to wear comfortable LOOSE clothing which does not restrict access to your back or knee areas as our physiotherapists will undertake a full body postural screen to enable correct diagnosis of the cause of your pain or restricted movement. 

Initial Acupuncture Treatment – Duration 1-hour

Follow-Up Acupuncture treatment – Duration 1-hour

Short Follow-Up Acupuncture treatment – Duration 30mins (only upon recommendation of treating Acupuncturist)

Initial Bowen Therapy treatment – Duration 1-hour

Initial Lymphatic drainage treatment – duration 1-hour

Follow up Bowen or Lymphatic treatment – duration 1 hour

Short follow up for Bowen or lymphatic treatment – duration 30mins (only upon recommendation of treating therapist)

Initial Massage therapy treatment – recommended duration 1-hour

Follow-up Massage Therapy treatment – either 1-hour or 30mins as recommended by treating therapist

Initial DVA Physiotherapy consultation – duration 30mins (assessment only)

Follow-up DVA Physiotherapy consultation – duration 30mins (treatment)

Initial Home Visit DVA Physiotherapy consultation – duration 30mins (assessment only)

Follow-up Home Visit DVA Physiotherapy consultation – duration 20mins (treatment)


On the spot claiming* is available for treatments for patients with the appropriate level of cover with their participating private health fund – see here for participating health funds.

*excluding HCF and Police Health members for massage and acupuncture services due to the conditions that these health funds set for their members (you will be able to manually claim once a receipt is issued).

*Appointments with Maddison are unable to be processed via our healthpoint terminal for on the spot claims, however, ALL health fund members with appropriate cover will be able to obtain a manual claim upon being issued a receipt – excluding Medibank Private members who are unable to claim at all with Maddison due to the restrictions MBP have placed on their members.


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