Travel Survival Guide – Part 2

For the past 3, 6, 12 months you have been looking forward to your holiday.  You have been working out hard to get a body that you will be proud to be seen in a bikini/budgie smugglers, pencil dress/tucks.  And although holidays are a time to let go, eat all the food and drink all the booze; because let’s face it if you haven’t put on a couple of kilos whilst away you probably didn’t do it right!

You would ultimately like to try your hardest not to completely undo all of your hard pre-holiday work and keep at least some kind of muscle memory, tone,and stability whilst away.  This is always very hard to do when you are firstly out of your usual routine and you don’t have access to your usual equipment.

therabndsHowever, there is one piece of equipment that is the traveler’s holy exercise grail.  Not only does it weigh nothing, it also rolls up into nothing, meaning that you don’t have to substitute an outfit in the suitcase to take it away with you.  I am of course talking about a wonderful piece of elastic called a Theraband.

Theraband comes in a variety of colours which are used to identify the level of resistance it will provide.  Below we will talk about the benefits of Theraband training as well as provide you with some all over body exercises to help keep the all-important areas lifted, toned and shaped.


Benefits of Theraband training

  • Cost effective, with in-clinic prices starting at $4.40
  • Whole body exercises can be performed
  • Whether you are an exercise beginner or a seasoned professional, everyone can use Theraband
  • Take up no space, great for travelling
  • Can be used to do the same or similar exercises that you are used to in the gym, so no need to worry about learning a new routine or missing out on your usual programme
  • Challenges the body, even if the same exercises are being utilised; using different equipment to perform them challenges the body in slightly different ways
  • Knots can be tied in the band to assist with different exercises, and these unravel easily
  • Improve overall strength, stability, stamina, balance and much more

Exercises for Lower Body


squats*Can add in side stepping





shoulders-4-pt-1 *Can add in bicep curl or shoulder press when standing straight





























Exercises for Upper Body


upper-body-1-pt-1upper-body-2-pt-1*Single or double arm, seated or standing







 triceps-1-pt-1triceps-2-pt-1*single or double arm















































When, how long and how many

  • Everyone will be different when it comes to exercise prescription
  • As a general rule 10-20 reps of 3-5 sets will be a very effective workout
  • Usually you will find if you are used to lifting heavy and doing low reps at the gym, the Theraband will never be the same as this, and the resistance will never be able to mimic what you are used to, however up your usual reps and you will find that the ‘burn’ will soon start to creep in
  • Be careful to control the movement of the Theraband in both directions, sometimes the ‘pull back’ can be quite strong
  • Don’t be surprised if you are doing an exercise that you are used to, but you start to feel different muscles working, that is the overall stability of the smaller muscles kicking in, and is the added benefit to using Theraband over traditional weights


Hope this helps to keep your bodies in tip top condition whilst you are away on holiday, and even if you aren’t going away why not give the Theraband a try for something completely different to your usual training!


Written By:

Stacey Curtis, Physiotherapist – Physionorth