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Running Program

Running is a great low-cost sport that many people enjoy in this beautiful country of ours. It has many enticing qualities such as flexibility – It can be done anywhere, at any time and with anyone. Regardless of whether you participate in one of the many great competitive running events, are aiming for a personal best or just enjoy participating in your local park run, we have put together some important information for you to consider.

The injury statics relating to running injuries is alarming! One major risk factor is training error! Training errors can include:

  • an inappropriate mix of training types or intensities
  • progressing too quickly
  • insufficient strength and conditioning
  • insufficient rehabilitation from a previous injury.

Where do these injuries commonly occur?

If you experience recurring niggles anywhere in your body that seem to be aggravated by your running, then it is recommended for you to seek help by your trusted health professional. Consider addressing these recurrent niggles before they progress to a full/serious injury that may just sideline you from the sport you love.

So what can be done?

Here at PhysioNorth we take a holistic approach to completing a running assessment. This will include:

  • a comprehensive assessment of your training and injury history
  • assessment of your health history, training loads and recovery strategies
  • strength capacity and joint range of motion
  • goals and expectations
  • running gait assessment and more.

By thoroughly going through a detailed assessment, your physiotherapist will be able to tailor their education, advice, and programming more specifically to your needs and goals. A running assessment is a great first step in your running injury prevention journey. However, the health professional community is always looking towards prevention, instead of a cure.

While injury prevention is not foolproof, (if it were, we wouldn’t be here talking about it), it is important. After all, no one wants to have to stop running simply because they avoided simple strategies that could have reduced the likelihood of their injury in the first place!

If you want a comprehensive approach that includes both the running assessment, rehabilitation guidance and education then consider our running injury prevention program. This program was developed with a passion to educate and empower our runners with the knowledge and guidance to help reduce their own injury risk profile. It includes:

  • An individual running analysis done by our physiotherapist
  • Access to weekly educational presentations focusing on different aspects of your running training
  • FREE guidance from your physiotherapist with unlimited email access for questions
  • Five appointments to assess, write and progress your individualised program to keep you on track!


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This is NOT a cookie-cutter approach. We are very passionate about helping YOU, the individual, in any way that we can! We want to help you understand the research that is currently available relating to injury prevention and how it may apply to you.

The weekly online presentations will cover topics ranging from warm-ups to foot strength and mobility, to whether ‘core’ strengthening is useful, how to monitor training loads, when to see a physiotherapist and running specific strength and conditioning.

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