Physiotherapy and Golf

In November I completed The Golf Athlete Level I for allied health professionals training over two days. This course is run by world renowned physiotherapist Micheal Dalgliesh and golf biomechanist Dr Rob Neal and covered many of topics relating to golf including – common injuries, swing technique philosophies, ideal swing
“corridors” of leading players, physical assessment of the golfer and exercise prescription.

There are many common technical “swing faults” in the golf swing – some of these have a physical cause and some do not. For average golfers these faults are often physical – i.e. the player is unable to achieve the correct body positions or movements required to fix some swing faults. This may be due to poor strength, range of motion insufficiency or lack of co-ordination, body awareness or motor patterning.

By completing a thorough assessment consisting of: 1. A muscular-skeletal screening, 2. physical competence testing (athletic development) and 3. video or 3D analysis of your golf swing. We can then combine this information and provide a specific treatment and exercise regime, in conjunction with a PGA professional or golf coach to improve your body’s ability to swing the golf club more consistently.
Luke plans to start these golf screening and exercise prescription sessions around March in time to shape up your body for the golfing season ahead.
Please contact us via telephone or email: for further information.
More details re: cost, duration etc will be available shortly.

Luke Wheeler