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(Please note that if you hold a DVA White card we will require a copy of the specific letter DVA sent you in regards to your approved areas of treatment this must be presented to our staff and verified before treatment commences)

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CANCELLATION POLICY AGREEMENT: If for some reason you need to move or cancel future appointments we will require 24 hours' notice otherwise a cancellation fee of $65 may be charged (these costs cannot be billed to any third party insurance/WC/DVA, it is a liability the patient incurs!).

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Privacy Policy: All client details are stored confidentially with your clinical notes and not disclosed to anybody outside Physionorth. Email addresses added to the Physionorth database for access to the Exercise App and Online Bookings may also occasionally receive material at the mailing or email address listed in this form from Physionorth regarding promotions, discounts, updates, products & services