Massage Therapy The Different Styles

What is Massage?

Massage is the manipulation of superficial, deep and connective tissues utilised to speed up the body’s natural healing process and enhance repair and function of muscles. Target tissues are muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, and various techniques are performed in order to get the best result. Massage is quickly expanding among natural therapies as it has been recognised as clinically effective to relief tension, stress, chronic pain and gain greater muscles flexibility.

Different Modalities Include:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage, normally applied with light/medium pressure, and it is perfect for who is seeking a general body treatment without specific targets. Great for relaxation, emotional stress and improvement of cardiovascular flow.REMEDIAL MASSAGEIs the broad name for massage covering sport, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Remedial techniques aim to assess and find the cause of the pain, therefore targeting specific areas to treat. They normally involve a greater pressure on superficial and deeper layers of muscles. This style of massage is ideal for chronic pain management and correction of postural abnormalities.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is specifically tailored for pre and post events, it helps preventing injuries and enhance flexibility before an event, as well as facilitating the healing process afterwards. Regular massage can also help achieve higher sport performance and maintain a healthier musculoskeletal system.

Myofacial Therapy

Myofacial therapy is a slower technique that uses a gentle pressure with the aim of stretching deep connective tissue and the muscular fascia. By targeting these areas it allows the body to complete its natural healing process between fascial bonds. This style of massage is very effective for a range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction. Many clients experience a great and long lasting relief from this technique, after unsuccessfully trying other therapies.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is also ideal for pregnancy. It helps reduce swelling, decrease back and neck pain and keep you moving freely. At Physionorth we have special pregnancy pillows to allow you to lie on your stomach comfortably during your treatment. Alternatively you can lie on your side for treatment if you would prefer. At Physionorth our pregnancy massage is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

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