Linda’s Blog

My name is Linda and I’m the new one in town! I moved from Canada about 6 weeks ago and the transition has been full of adventure so far.

I spent the first weekend on Maggie Island and became acquainted with the screaming curlews. I was so fascinated with the way they look and the noises they make. As long as they don’t try to chase me down and peck me like the magpies do, I’m happy.

My second weekend here I ended up participating in the Townsville Triathlon. I had SO much fun! Our team placed 16th out of 59, AND I found a photo of me on the Bulletins website.

Within the first few days of moving into our house, my partner and I became acquainted with Townsville’s ants. We came home to more then 1000 ants crawling through our pantry and in my coffee machine. Now I should explain something, I’m a coffee lover and for those of you out there who are, I think you can understand how distressing it was for me to discover that they broke the machine! We managed to sort out the issue after coating the house with all the different anti-ant products available at Bunning’s.  I bought a new machine so once again, I am a happy camper (Canadian expression  J ).

Finally, my transition at work has been fabulous. The staff at Physionorth have been so friendly and welcoming. I was a little nervous about starting in a new clinic but we quickly got to the point where we could make fun of one another without taking offence to the jokes.

I’m so grateful for all the support I have received thus far, and I’m really looking forward to all of the new adventures that I’ll experience here in North Queensland.