Insurance Claims – CTP

Information for injured workers attending Physiotherapy under Insurance.

Can I attend for physiotherapy before my claim is accepted?

Yes. However, we need written evidence that the insurer will fund your treatments with an approved claim. If your claim is accepted, we will be able to send all accounts to the insurer. If your claim is not accepted, you will be responsible for paying for any further treatment and to seek reimbursement once your claim is approved by the insurer.

How many treatments can I have?

When you claim and an initial consultation is approved by the insurer, the physiotherapist can provide a treatment plan to the insurer for further approval for treatment. You will be advised if the insurer has not approved further treatment, in which case you are still welcome to continue physiotherapy treatment, however this will be at your own expense.

What will the Physiotherapy practice require from me?

  • Your claim number;
  • Your Doctor’s Referral Letter (if applicable)
  • We always require written confirmation that the Insurer will pay for consultations and how many treatments you can have.

Is there a Gap payment?

Normally  No, however if the insurer only pays to a certain amount on a schedule of fees that is below the costs of our Standard Private Practice fees then the Patient will be subjected to a “GAP” payment, which the patient will be notified about.


What should I expect from the Physiotherapist?

  • The same treatment a full-paying client receives!
  • A thorough assessment of your injury
  • Development of a treatment plan, with your consultation, that is focussed on returning you to your usual job or, if you are still at work, improving function and capacity for your work
  • Regular reviews of your agreed goals and amendments as needed.

In what other ways can the physiotherapists assist in my rehabilitation?

The Physiotherapist can assist by:

  • Communicating with the Insurer, and your treating GP.
  • Assessing your capacity to achieve optimal recovery.

How can I get the most out of the rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation has shared responsibilities. You can do your part by:

  • Seek rehabilitation early . This enables more effective treatment and, therefore, less time to recover.
  • Attending all scheduled appointments. Your Physiotherapist plans these carefully to maximise your recovery. As well as affecting your rehabilitation, if you do not attend without advising the Physiotherapist or do not give us 24 hours notice of cancellation, YOU will be responsible for the cost of missing the session or cancelling at late notice.
  • Adhering to the exercise/rehabilitation program set by your Physiotherapist
  • Keeping the Insurer informed about how treatment is going.

*Please note that if for any reason your claims are rejected by the Insurer then all treatment costs will be at your own expense.