Brooke Moffatt

This is Brooke, and she is amazing! Physiotherapist Bri caught up with Brooke to find out how she managed to break free from daily headaches and pain.


Tell us a bit about yourself Brooke
My husband Michael and I own a business, and I’m a mum to two gorgeous children under two. I have no time for pain!


What made you seek physio treatment?
I had ongoing shoulder pain and postural discomfort, as well as persistent and regular headaches. My headaches were really starting to affect my sleep and the quality of my day to day life in general.


How did Physio help you conquer your pain and headaches?
Physio taught me to retrain the muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back, and helped me with a  strength training program. I no longer battle daily headaches or pain and I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt.


Thanks Brooke – we appreciate you!
Briana Physiotherapist