Back Pain Among Gymnasts

Back pain is a common complaint within the gymnastics population due to repeated movements at extreme ranges of motion. But, did you know that hip tightness in one or both hips can lead to an acute onset of lower back pain?

Due to their neighboring articulations; the hip, pelvis, and back are all very closely related. This means that non-optimal mechanics of one joint almost always has a negative impact on the others.

A common trait seen amongst gymnasts is tightness in the hip flexor muscles at the front of the hips. If the hips are unable to their full range of motion in the sport of gymnastics, then the body seeks extra movement from other joints in the body. Hello, back pain!

It is extremely important that your gymnast is completing the correct stretching and strengthening exercises for their hips. This will not only improve their flexibility and leap work but will also help in the prevention of injury!

Prevention is ALWAYS better than a cure.

Don’t wait for the pain to increase significantly in severity before seeking help. Early intervention is key in ensuring minimal time off training whilst allowing the body to be in optimal condition for goal success.

Our Physiotherapist Nicole specialises in treating Gymnastics-related injuries and can provide a thorough assessment, management plan and prevention strategies for your gymnast!

If your gymnast is suffering from hip or back niggles, give Physionorth a call on 4724 0768.

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