Patient Referral Program

Our patients are so great!


We are so fortunate to have good people spreading the word about what we can achieve here at

Physionorth for our patients.


We are grateful that you feel so confident in our service that you are happy to tell your friends and family about us, it shows that you care, about them and us. We really appreciate your recommendation!


So much so that we would like to take 20% off either your next Physiotherapy consultation, Massage therapy or Acupuncture treatment & you will also receive a bonus free tube of magnesium cream when you attend!

When someone names you as a referrer we’ll keep a note on your file and send you a letter with a voucher to redeem!

But don’t stop there!  If you refer a second person, please do have a FREE 30-minute massage therapy treatment on us. 

Since you are on a roll, your third referral gets you cinema vouchers and your fourth gets you a voucher for a cafe.



We look forward to seeing your friends and family and hope they are as impressed with us as you are.

Thank you, we’ll take good care of them.