Lymphatic Drainage: The Zero Pressure Technique

The fascinating truth behind light pressure

We have learned to accept that having a massage without pain means no gain. Although, it is true that in some cases we need to apply more pressure to release stubborn, chronic tension, there is also a magnificent technique that is based on zero pressure: lymphatic drainage. This specialised, powerful modality helps drain the lymph, which is designed to eliminate excessive fluids and waste from our body tissues. This fluid and waste removal stimulates the immune and circulatory systems giving a great overall immunity boost.

Why do we use zero pressure? 
Because the lymph is located just below the skin (as well as, in deep organs) and the aim is to move the skin just enough to enhance the lymphatic movement.

Who Benefits from manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)? 
All of us, as it cleanses the toxins that overload the body (from chemical stress, food preservatives, fatigue, infections and lots more in these modern age). In particular this modality is great for edema (swelling) due to pregnancy or inflammation,  post surgery – both to heal quicker and helping reducing scar tissue, for those who get sick easily or tend to get the seasonal flu (even one treatment reduces the chances to get sick!), respiratory infections, chronic fatigue, immobile people.

Interesting facts:
  • In some European countries hospitals include lymphatic massage for inpatients as part of surgery recovery, and it is fully covered by the medical system.
  • If the lymphatic system completely stopped working, death would result in 24-48 hours from severe edema!
  • Using hard pressure restricts the lymphatic capillaries which they would then need 20 minutes to restore
  • Research confirms that post 24hrs after MLD the body produces up to 20% more immuno-competent cells

Bookings for Lymhatic Drainage can be made with Physionorth’s qualified Massage Therapist Silvia  

 Call the clinic on 4724 0768 (appointments available Mon – Thurs)

***** If you have a medical conditions, active infection or are receiving therapy for cancer, please note that MLD might be contraindicated – kindly mention it at the time of booking.

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