The Physionorth Difference

At Physionorth our treatment approach is quite different to other Physiotherapy clinics, we use fewer machines and treat our patients as a whole using the ConnectTherapy approach.

Our standard appointment times need to be longer because our treatment approach takes more care and thought.

This attention and consideration get results. Our patient outcomes could not be as successful as they are without taking this extra time to do things right.

With the exception of pain caused by a traumatic event (injury), quite often, the area where a person feels their pain or discomfort is a symptom of a dysfunction elsewhere in their bodies.

Our patients are constantly amazed that often, there is NO PAIN around the area at the root of their problem. However, if the problem is corrected at the root, the area where they ARE feeling pain resolves.

cam_6773-copyWe call this area of “breakdown” the “driver” of the pain and/or dysfunction.
Once we identify the ‘driver’ of a disorder we start retraining the connection between the brain and muscles to promote more efficient movement.

This is the key to helping prevent your pain from returning.



Our therapists only see one patient at a time, their focus is solely on you.
This allows them to do more hands-on treatments to release overactive muscles, loosen up joints, retrain weak muscles and teach you how to improve your posture and move with symmetry.

We feel our longer appointment times are vital to your rehabilitation and it’s another way we help you move and feel your best!