Neural Manipulation- What is it?

Rebekah, our Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist, recently undertook the level one workshop of a 4 level Program in Neural Manipulation with The Barral Institute Australia.

Neural manipulation looks at the relationship between the hard bony components that encase the nervous system and the impact they have on the softer neural structures ( Brain, spinal cord and nerves)  in traumatic circumstances.

Brain duraOur brain is encased with a membrane called the Dura. It is like a skin on the brain and covers the spinal cord as well. Parts of this membrane have connections to the bony structures such as the vertebrae and the Cranium (Skull) . The neural tissue is then surrounded by a shock absorbing fluid known as Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) that allows for the brain to be suspended so that it does not contact the bony structures (and give you concussion every time you look down to tie your shoes).

Upon impact, such as whiplash, a fall or a blow to the head. The soft tissues of the nervous system are forced into the harder structures leaving an impact on the soft tissue and a cellular memory of the event – Like a shock wave that has nowhere to go. These Points of connection between the two often suffer extreme force and then thicken or harden in response, preventing the free movement that the Nervous System should have.

This causes the messages that the brain usually send to be impaired and thus some of the nerves may become fibrous and pain or blockage results.

Neural Manipulation sessions are very gentle but may have a profound effect on the body, as such, we allow for 3-week intervals between sessions to allow time for your body and the nervous system to adjust.

To find out more, or book an appointment with Rebekah, contact our friendly reception staff on 47240768.