The Dry Needling Approach

In recent years, the practice of Dry Needling has become increasingly more integrated into a physiotherapists existing skillset and treatment approach. However, there is still some confusion around what Dry Needling is and how it can help in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions.

Dry Needling is the technique of using fine needles (the same as those used in acupuncture) to target certain tissue abnormalities to elicit a local physiological response, such as:

  • trigger points
  • regions of high muscular tone
  •  fibrous thickening (scar tissue)

The reasoning behind which tissues are targeted and the specific application of the Dry Needling technique used is based on the physiotherapist’s assessment of the location and nature of biomechanical restrictions which may be contributing to your pain or dysfunction.


IMG_7281-copyIf your physiotherapist thinks that you may benefit from this treatment technique, then the process and reasoning behind its use will be discussed with you in your session and any queries or concerns you may have can be addressed or clarified before choosing whether or not you would like to trial this approach.

Remember Dry Needling is not for everyone and any application in practice will be as a collaborative decision between you and your therapist!

At Physionorth, we use sterile single use quality needles to perform both dry needling and acupuncture treatments.

Our Physiotherapists Jaquie, Linda, Anna, Stacey, Brianna & Lauren are all trained and qualified to use the technique of Dry Needling.


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