Travel Survival Guide – Part 1

All your bags are packed and you are ready to go, bikini body not quite on point, but, it’s too late now to do anymore about it.  All you need to do now is sit back relax and find out that the emergency exits are here, here and here.


Well……..sort of relax, the idea of sitting on a plane or in the car for ten hours with your knees up in your armpits, drooling on the person next to you as you take a nap, and the kids screaming and carrying on isn’t always the best part of the holiday.

Although, I can’t help you with how to stop the kids from causing a riot and embarrassing you as they scream for nine of your ten-hour plane journey;

I can, however, give you a few hints and tips to help stretch those aching limbs and unkink that neck after you have taken a few zzz’s. 

Prolonged immobility limits the body’s natural functions such as; returning blood and fluid back to the heart, thus resulting in increased risk of blood clots, swelling and DVT’s, not only whilst traveling but for some time after as well.  The more you can do to assist the body during these periods of immobility the better.  Not to mention it gives you something to do, and can actually help you feel refreshed and less fatigued after.

Here are my top exercises to perform for health, wellbeing, and general mobility whilst traveling.

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Travel Survival Guide – Part 2

For the past 3, 6, 12 months you have been looking forward to your holiday.  You have been working out hard to get a body that you will be proud to be seen in a bikini/budgie smugglers, pencil dress/tucks.  And although holidays are a time to let go, eat all the food and drink all the booze; because let’s face it if you haven’t put on a couple of kilos whilst away you probably didn’t do it right!

You would ultimately like to try your hardest not to completely undo all of your hard pre-holiday work and keep at least some kind of muscle memory, tone,and stability whilst away.  This is always very hard to do when you are firstly out of your usual routine and you don’t have access to your usual equipment.

therabndsHowever, there is one piece of equipment that is the traveler’s holy exercise grail.  Not only does it weigh nothing, it also rolls up into nothing, meaning that you don’t have to substitute an outfit in the suitcase to take it away with you.  I am of course talking about a wonderful piece of elastic called a Theraband.

Theraband comes in a variety of colours which are used to identify the level of resistance it will provide.  Below we will talk about the benefits of Theraband training as well as provide you with some all over body exercises to help keep the all-important areas lifted, toned and shaped.


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