Recommended Podcasts

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1. Wellness Mumma
2. The Real Food Reel
3. A Quirky Journey
4. Body Ecology Living

Recommended Reading

1. The Feel Good Body- Ann Louise Bouvier.
A guide to fixing your posture and easing your pain especially if you spend a large portion of you day sitting.

2. The Brain that changes itself- Norman Doidge.
This book delves into the brains ability to rewire itself in response to changes in behaviour, environment, neural processes, thinking , emotions and bodily injury. It is a plastic, living organ that can actually change its own structure and function. The book outlines numerous case studies as examples of the brain’s amazing ability to adapt and change.

3. The Back Pain Personal Health Plan- Trish Wisbey-Roth.
A comprehensive self help manual which will dispel the myths and confusion about back pain. Learn easy to follow safe and effective neck and back exercises that increase flexibility and strength of the spine and teach efficient posture.

Websites for General Wellbeing, Health Eating, and Recipes

1. Wellness Mumma
A website full of recipes and simple tips for a healthier family.

2. Wholefoods Simply
A website with wonderful healthy recipes. Lots of gluten and dairy free options.

3. Sarah Wilson- I quit sugar
Lots of recipes and resources for healthy food ideas and tips on maintaining a healthy body

4. The Healthy Chef- Theresa Cutter
Theresa shares healthy recipes, packed with nutrients, so that you get the most out of every meal.

5. Donna Gates
Donna Gates will guide you through fermenting vegetables to maintain a healthy gut.
Important for glowing skin, a healthy digestive tract and to help prevent brain fog.

6. Healthy back tips by Ann Louise Bouvier: