Want the benefit of a deep massage without the pain?

There is another way!
If you’re in pain and want a treatment approach that will decrease your pain, not give you more of it, then read on…..
BOWEN THERAPY, releases, restores and heals with gentle touch

Bowen is a manual therapy that utilises small but measured inputs to the body, stimulating it to heal itself, often profoundly. Bowen technique addresses the whole body by restoring balance in the nervous system, which controls the majority of our bodily functions, through simple and non-invasive moves on soft tissues. It is a very gentle and relaxing therapy that can be performed through clothing, appropriate for anyone from newborn to elderly, and supporting women through pregnancy. Continue reading

Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Acupuncture is a versatile treatment option during pregnancy that can be utilised for a number of conditions, not just musculo-skeletal pains. It can also help with conception, ease morning sickness, and assist with then natural progression of labour at end stage pregnancy. Continue reading