Exercise Getting Started This Summer

With summer definitely on its way, I thought I’d devote today’s blog to a subject close to every physio’s heart – EXERCISE! In this image conscious world we are bombarded with messages telling us to “get active”, “lose that winter padding”, and to “look better, feel better”. But many of us, myself included, find exercise difficult for a number of reasons and will find any excuse to avoid it. Continue reading

Expert Tips for Achieving Your Summer Body Goals!

The last days of winter have finally arrived, and with it our greatest excuse for choosing a deep fried mars bar over an early morning jog has melted into oblivion. With this unfortunate truth, many of us have finally peeled off the layers and come to the devastating realisation that we may not be re-donning our favourite mankini this year. Now as our minds drift off to summer, there seems to be a common burning desire to sculpt our bodies into works of art that even Da Vinci would be proud of. New resolution and steely determination is fantastic, but it may all go to waste if we don’t sift through the facts and fiction about weight loss / weight gain. This blog will shed some summer sunshine on a few simple truths to help us all reach our body goals. Continue reading